Our Mission:

“To help Upper Perk flourish by connecting our community online.”

Love Upper Perk is here to connect our community and publish everything awesome in the Upper Perk Valley. Love Upper Perk works closely with boroughs, churches, non-profits, and businesses to accomplish getting the word out about what is going on in the Valley.

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Our History:

January of 2013: Founder Scott Roth forms the basis of what will become Love Upper Perk.

January of 2014: Beth Roth (no relation to Scott) joins Scott in the mission of Love Upper Perk.

June 2014: Love Upper Perk’s Facebook page and website are launch. Technical Director Justin Kresge is added to the team.

July 2014: The Upper Perkiomen Valley Association (UPVA) joins forces with Love Upper Perk giving the Halloween Parade & Hometown Christmas a new home.

August 2014: Upper Perk’s Assistant Principal Mrs. Allison Stephens joins the team of Love Upper Perk.

–Our history section is not complete, like all history it’s a work in progress.–

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