Thanks for the Love, Upper Perk

Love Upper Perk supports dozens of local organizations & nonprofits. Through our merger with the UPVA, we are now also in charge of running the Upper Perk Halloween Parade, Hometown Christmas, Baconfest & Artsfest ( New – coming Spring 15′). To run these great community events the UPVA have always looked towards the community and local businesses for support.

Hometown Christmas Parade
Green Lane
Halloween Parade - 2014


We look to create a sustainable model for Love Upper Perk so we can continue our mission for years to come. We also look to provide exposure for those that support us. So without further delay we’re happy to introduce our donation packages for local businesses.

Community Members

We have had some great individuals give to get their own money & time to get Love Upper Perk up and running. We strive to continuously improve our reach and the positive impact we have on our great community. Any support you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all of our sponsors!

  • Stauffer Glove & Safety
  • United Taekwon Do
  • Community Connection Monthly
  • DG Photography
  • Tammy Snyder Photography

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